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Transport for Snowdonia Easter Trip 2012

This page is intended to help coordinate lift sharing to and from the club's Easter Vacation Trip to the Pinnacle Club Hut in Snowdonia from 23rd-28th March 2012. This page is editable by anyone with an account on the club website - please go [l|/user/register|here] to register if you don't have already have one.

Hut location

See a map here.

Information on public transport

  • The nearest train station is Betws-y-Coed.
  • There is a bus service timetable here. This bus runs between Betws-y-Coed and Pen-y-Pass which is around a 2km walk from the hut.

Transport arrangements

  • SOFA REQUIRED on Sunday night. (I'll have been kicked out of college, and the minibus wont arrive back in time for trains). Can anyone help me out? - CHRIS (Wade)

    Chris, you're welcome to stay on my sofa BG

  • David P, driving from Derby, leaving on evening of 23rd and returning evening of 25th. Could pick up from Crewe, Llandudno Junction or Betws-y-Coed stations without much of a detour.

    Hi, David, would it be possible for you to pick me up from Derby?-Chris Arran

  • Paul driving his car from Cambridge.
  • Greg (& Larissa) driving the CUSU 8-seater.
  • Andrena driving her car.

Full details in the trip email. I think everyone has had their requests dealt with. [AW]