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Transport for Boot trip

Here is the wiki for planning transport to Eskdale, Lake District from January 3 - 9. Please fill in, particularly if you're planning to drive.

Important details about the bunkhouse

Boot School House is located a just outside Boot, in the valley of Eskdale. The nearest train station is Ravenglass, which is 7.5 miles from the bunkhouse.

People who are driving there

Please note how many people you want to take, where you're setting off from, etc..

**Car 1 - ** Molly Sheldrake

  • No. of Passengers: 3
  • Route: from Cambridge
  • Dates: . 4/1/20-7/1/20

Passengers outbound: 2 spare places

  1. Linus Gerdes

Passengers return: 2 spare places

  1. Linus Gerdes

** Car 2** Seb Parr

  • No. of Passengers: 2
  • Route: from Reading
  • Dates: . 3/1/20-9/1/20

  • Can do lifts from local train station in the Lakes

** Car ** Bill Curtis

  • No. of Passengers: 4
  • Route: from Cambridge
  • Dates: . 04/01/2020 - 09/01/2020
  • Bronwen F - would like a lift back to Cambridge on the 9th only please (making my own way there)
  • Alexis M - same as Bronwen

** Car ** Mario

  • No. of Passengers: 3
  • Route: from Cambridge
  • Dates: . 03/01/2020 - 05/01/2020
  • Scott, Ben Ho, Swati

People who want to be driven there

Please note where you will be traveling from/to

Afonso Cabral travelling from Cambridge (Norfolk Street) from 3-6 January, anyone with a car? I can only check if a place is available and confirm it after I find someone travelling these dates or around. cheers

Alexis Marchand: coming by train but would be happy to join someone driving back to Cambridge on Thursday 9th

Bronwen F - making my own way there but would like a lift back to Cambridge if possible, on the 8th or the 9th.

People who want to get there by public transport

  • Alexis Marchand, arriving at Ravensglass on Saturday 4th at 18:02.
  • Bronwen F - will turn up at Ravenglass on the 6th at 14:51 - would appreciate a lift to the bunkhouse if possible please! Happy to wait at Ravenglass if drivers are back later from walks
  • Mary - train to and from Ravenglass, coming 3- 8th
  • Ella - train to and from Ravenglass, 3-6th.