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Seathwaite Transport 2012

The club does not provide transport for vacation trips so this page is to help to coordinate lift sharing from various parts of the country for those planning to come by car.


Leaving from [...] on [...]/01/2011, returning [...]/01/2011

David P
Leaving from Hilton, near Derby, on Friday 6th (probably around 1800), returning on evening of Sunday 8th. Michael (and any passengers of his) will probably be getting a lift with me from Derby. Ruth may also be getting a lift with me from Carnforth.

Tom Wright
Leaving from Cambridge on 06/01/2011 (5pm), returning 09/01/2011 (leaving around 4pm)

To Seathwaite on the 6th

  • Tom A
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

From Seathwaite on the 9th

  • Tom A
  • Austen Saunders (to Leicester)
  • Joe
  • Andrena

3 people (+kit) can take
Leaving from Cambridge on 06/01/2011 (4-5pm), returning 08/01/2011 (leaving around 4pm). Possibly travelling in David P's car from Derby onwards.

  • Peter K (from/to Cambridge please)
  • ........ (David P)
  • ........ (Ruth)


To Seathwaite on 6th:

  • Mark (pick up Shelford 5.30pm)
  • Greg (pick up Cambridge 6.00pm)
  • Rob (pick up near M6 8.00pm)
  • Kerrie (pick up Penrith Station 11pm ish)

From Seathwaite on 11th:

  • Greg (to Cambridge)
  • Kirsty (to Cambridge)
  • Rob (drop off near M6)
  • Andrew (drop off at Penrith Station)

People seeking lifts

  • Kerrie - would appreciate a lift from Seathwaite to Penrith station on the evening of the 10th (post-walk) - buses are a bit awkward at that time.
    • Me too [Mark]! but planning to use buses as it's a long way for a driver to go: Seatoller to Keswick 16:55-17:23 then Keswick to Penrith rail station 18:20-18:56.
    • You might be able to persuade a driver to head away from Seathwaite for the day to do a walk (e.g. in the northern fells - to bag Sale How?) and then drop you off at Penrith. [AW]
  • Three (possibly two) - Laura, Tom and probably John - of us would appreciate a lift to Keswick for 7.55am on the 11th.
  • I've got public transportation planned, but I'd be interested if anyone's driving down from Scotland? - Goody

People using public transport (for all or part of journey)

It is also relatively easy to reach Seathwaite by public transport - the nearest train station is Penrith which is on the West Coast mainline. From Penrith you can take the Stagecoach X5 bus service to Keswick and from there the Borrowdale Rambler (service 78) to Seatoller which is a short walk down from Seathwaite.

  • Andrew probably arriving (with lift from Dad) on 6th after doing a walk somewhere in the Lakes (or Pennines) earlier in the day. Will leave on 11th January to return to Darlington. Booked an open return train ticket. Anyone planning to travel in that direction (Penrith - Carlisle - Newcastle - Darlington), please join me. Getting to Penrith Station probably in Paul's car.

  • Kate: Travelling to Seathwaite by public transport on Sunday 8th (can hardly believe this is possible on a Sunday but it appears to be!). Arriving at Seathwaite after 3pm. Will leave Seathwaite on the 11th Jan by public transport.

  • Austen Saunders: Travelling by train on the 6th (on the 12.20 from Birmingham New Street) - then getting the 1515 X50 bus from Penrith to Keswick and the 1625 number 78 from Keswick to Seatoller (and then arriving at Seathwaite at about 1730).

  • Goody: Travelling by train from Edinburgh on the 6th, leaving at 9:51 and arriving in Penrith at 11:45. Might explore Penrith a bit and take the 12:21 or 1:21 X50 bus to Keswick then the 2:25 or 3:25 bus to Seatoller. I'm returning on the 11th the same way, but I'm going to keep my timing open for now.

Public transport information