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Scotland Trip Summer 2012

This trip has been called off due to everybody who was intending to come along pulling out [AW - 30/8/12]

Previous organisation:

This is a wiki page to organise the CUHWC Scotland Trip during September 2012. The location was decided as Torridon in the Northwest Highlands. The trip shall run from 8-16 September and you are welcome to come for as long or short a period as you wish. (The week of 8-16 September seems to suit most people better than the subsequent week, so we shall go for that one.)


There is both a campsite (at GR NG904557) and a YHA (at GR NG903558) in Torridon. Which one we choose to stay in does not really matter until nearer the time, but this trip is traditionally a camping trip. The YHA may be a sensible option if the midges are bad, which is a distinct possibility. It is also an excellent YHA - I'm speaking from experience here - but is costly (£17 pppn). AW has heard from relatives that the Torridon Campsite is pretty poor, but it might be enough for our needs; we also need to be aware of midges!

People & Dates

  • Andrew - available to come for either the week of 8-16 September or 15-23 September. Will probably only join for a few days or may not join at all. Will not decide until after I get back from Sweden on ~30 August.
  • Constanze - Sadly I will have to stay in Cambridge until the 11 September (Tuesday) due to work, but I can then travel on the evening of the 11 and stay at least until the weekend.
  • Gareth Ainsworth - I am keen on coming, but I can't confirm yet whether I can get the time off.
  • Greg - Keen but unsure if I can make it, depends upon thesis completion status. I may have both weeks free, though get back from the alps the week before so probably wouldn't be up for the beginning of the earlier week. May have a car at that point, though it's a bit of a drive so I may take public transport anyway.
  • Philip — Can make both weeks.
  • Tom H - I'm interested in part or all of either week but will decide for certain at a later date.


If travelling by public transport, one can get the train to Strathcarron. From here, a bus runs (via Lochcarron and Shieldaig) to Torridon. The bus timetable is available here.

Also say here if you are planning to drive and how many people you might be willing to take with you.

  • Andrew - probably train and then bus, unless someone is planning to drive up mid-week
  • Constanze - flying seems a bit pointless bc the airport is so far away, so it'll be Public Transport unless there's space in a car
  • Gareth - Public Transport (unless someone is driving up at the same time).
  • Philip — Public transport (unless someone is driving up at the same time).
  • Tom H - Public transport (unless someone is driving up at the same time).

Public transport

The bus from Strathcarron to Torridon only runs Monday–Saturday, departing Strathcarron at 12:50. According to, this is £6.40 (return).

The bus doesn't run on Sundays, so we need to plan around arriving in Torridon on Saturday (8th) or Monday (10th) (or later).

Working backwards from this, a train from Inverness to Strathcarron is needed, leaving Inverness at 09:00 and arriving at 10:46. A later one at 11:01 (arriving 12:43) is also a possibility, but only leaves 7 minutes for the change. This is £12.30 (return, with railcard; Advance ticket, so prices will go up).

For the journey to Inverness, the only real option seems to be a Scotrail sleeper from London Euston to Inverness, departing at 21:15 on Friday (7th) and arriving at 08:38 in Inverness. This is £95.05 (return, with railcard, reclining seat only; twin berth sleeper option for an additional £40.20).

Total: £114 return, assuming tickets are bought fairly soon.

It might be possible to work out an alternative using the National Express coach from Cambridge to Inverness, leaving at 19:50 on Friday (7th) and arriving at 11:35 for ~£60 return. Or the Megabus coach from London Victoria, departing at 23:45 and arriving at 12:00 in Inverness for ~£42 return. However, both of these arrive after the right train from Inverness to Strathcarron has left.

Flights would be more expensive. From a quick look, it would be £60 + fees (~£20?) to fly from Stansted to Glasgow, then a further ~£45 to get a train to Inverness. The timing probably doesn't work out either.


The club does not have Torridon maps, but can purchase some if needed. There might be enough other people with them to go around though. The club does have Jackson's More Relative Hills of Britain which may come in useful.


  • 2-person tent etc., which I'd probably use alone as it's not very big. Happy to stay in the YHA if that is the general preference.
  • Pots, pans, stove etc.
  • Maps of area - OS 1:50k
  • Relevant books - inc. SMC Munros book, SMC Corbetts book, Relative Hills of Britain etc.


  • can bring camping stuff from back home (am going to Austria in August), 2-person or 6-person tent (should I bring this tent back with me? I need to know until the end of August, which is when I'll fly back...)
  • YHA is okay too


  • 2-person tent, which I’ll probably use alone; YHA is fine by me
  • No cooking equipment

Walking Opportunities

Torridon is one of Scotland's, and indeed the UK's, highlights. There are a number of walking options pretty much from the door or a very short drive away, including:

  • Beinn Eighe - a true wonder (Andrew's favourite Munro so far)
  • Beinn Alligin - with a scrambling option across the 'Horns of Alligin'
  • Liathach - the ridge between the two Munros involves some rather exposed scrambling
  • Beinn Dearg - a high Corbett once classified as a Munro
  • Beinn Liath Mhor & Sgorr Ruadh
  • Sgorr nan Lochain Uaine and Sgurr Dubh
  • Beinn Damh
  • Beinn na h-Eaglaise
  • Maol Chean-dearg (& its neighbouring Corbett An Ruadh-stac - an awesome one)
  • A number of lower (i.e.