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Hill walkers go ski touring

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Dave, Jo and Peter are organising an introductory ski touring trip for the coming winter (March or April 2014).

The trip will consist of 3 parts.

  1. A day in resort for people to get used to skiing again.

  2. 3 days with a guide who will instruct in the techniques of ski touring and possibly fit in an expedition.

  3. Independent ski touring - we will plan our own routes.

The trip is open to anyone with sufficient skiing experience but previous experience of ski touring is not necessary. If you are unsure about your skiing ability talk to one of the organisers.

Each guide is able to lead up to 6 participants. We hope to have enough interest to hire 2 guides.

The best time for ski touring in the Alps is late March and April but the exact date has yet to be fixed.

If you are interested in joining us please add your name below indicating any dates for which you will not be available.

  • Peter Kirkwood
  • Alex Law
  • Dave Farrow
  • Jo Smith
  • Kerrie Taylor-Jones
  • Bethan Gudgeon (Only 2 weeks I am available in March/April are 12th - 27th April)
  • Doug Hull - definitely keen and available any dates.
  • Eleri Cousins (will probably need to be at a conference March 28th-30th)
  • Hannah Stern
  • Henry Miller (Not sure when I'm available yet but would love to be kept in the loop)
  • David Mackenzie
  • Tom Hare (Not sure when I'm around yet, would like to be kept informed, and may still join for the independent outing(s) afterwards even if not the guided part)
  • Alex Lipp [agl38] (Any week in the vacation apart from 27th of March to 4th April) Sounds great, thanks for organising this!
  • Jeremy Leong