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Garden Party Cooking Sign Up, Sat 14th June 2014

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Once you've booked your place onto the Garden Party on Saturday 14th June, it'd be great if you could bring some food along! We'll pay you back for the cost of the ingredients, so it's a great opportunity to put your mark on this special May Week event. Drink will be provided separately though we've nothing against having a dash of red wine somewhere in the cooking!

Just sign up against a section with your name (or in a group) and a bit of an idea of what you're hoping to cook or bring along. Feel free to add your own section with something totally new if you think we've missed something. We'll get in touch with people who've signed up by Tuesday 10th June to confirm the arrangements.

Meat & Veggie (no BBQ allowed in Pembroke)

  • 3 quiches (1 x fish, 2 x veggie) - Jane (£9)
  • Some form of cooked meat (probably chicken) - AW (~£6)
  • Indian potato pie - Matt (£6)
  • Baguettes and various cheeses etc.(meaty baguettes...?)
  • Veggie chilli (with bread rolls) — Philip (£7ish in total)

Salads (potato, couscous, pasta, etc.)

  • savoury rice - Becky
  • Spicy sri lankan Dahl (just to add some variety)-Helen (£3 ish-I just quite like making it so no problem really)
  • pasta salad - Marcus
  • Panzanella - Matt (£6.50)
  • Potato Salad - Joe (£4)
  • Herby, peanutty, noodly salad - Valerie (£7)
  • Green salad - Marcus
  • Spicy chilli pasta - Jade

Nibbles & Sides

  • Vol-au-vents : Vicky (gloriously 80s but I love them....)
  • Dips with carrot, cucumber, pepper and breadsticks (~£8) - Bethan & Doug
  • Cheese and pineapple on sticks (~£4)- Bethan & Doug
  • Ham & Olive Cake - Jo
  • Crisps

Cake and sweet things (be creative!)

  • Super exciting social sec mystery cake! - Jade & Marcus
  • A Guinness Cake : Vicky
  • Something, maybe choc dipped fruit -Becky
  • Lemon drizzle cake (or something more exciting if I feel inspired)-Helen £2 (most of it is leftovers from the epic meal last saturday)
  • Pimms cake - Jane (£8)
  • Raspberry and Lemon cheese cake - Laurent
  • Decorated cupcakes - Jade
  • Jam and scones - Sarah
  • Fruit salad - Marcus