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Cooking for Dartmoor Trip, 10th-12th February 2012

This is a wiki (editable web page) to organise cooking for the CUHWC trip to Runnage Farm Granary Bunkhouse near Postbridge, Dartmoor, on the weekend of 10th-12th February 2012. The club will supply cooking oil. The kitchen has cooker, toaster, kettle and hot water - no oven is mentioned so I would work off the premise that there won't be one when planning meals.

In case you didn't read this warning in the trip email (shockingly some people apparently don't read every last detail). This bunkhouse does not provide crockery or kitchen utensils. We will be bringing the club plates, cutlery and cups along as well as sufficient bowls and mugs for everyone, however if you need anything in particular for food preparation or cooking you will need to bring it along yourself.

  • If anyone wishes to cook a large meal, I have some giant pans which will be plenty to feed the whole bunkhouse. I don't have an oven tray though... DM

Click edit at the top to change the text (you'll need to be logged in to your account on the website first - click here to register if you don't have one). You can either suggest a meal idea or join one of the existing ones and you're obviously also welcome to sort yourself out (move your name to 'Independent'). Please remove your name from the section at the bottom once you're in a group or have decided to cook alone. The person who suggests the meal is responsible for arranging the ingredients - everyone else in the group should bring money on the trip to pay for their share, and expect to help with the preparation and washing up.

Meal suggestions by Tuesday evening. Finalise groups by Wednesday night so the person suggesting the meal knows how much they have to buy and has a couple of days to do the shopping.

Meal Suggestions



Chopped tomatoes, rocket and shallot on toasted baguette, with a drizzle of balsamic glaze


Fajitas with a turkey and pepper filling. Served with homemade guacamole, homemade salsa and sour cream. Accompanied by tortilla chips and salad.


To be confirmed, but probably some cheesecake. Peach and orange trifle. Unless someone can come up with something more inventive.

  • Why bother? Trifle is fantastic! [MJ]
  • It will have to be trifle now anyway as I've already bought most of the ingredients! [AW]
  • Jumping jalapenos, that was quick... [MJ]
  • The purchases were spurred on by a tin of reduced custard I spotted in Sainsbury's! So I thought I may as well buy the rest while I was there. [AW]

People (maximum 6)

  • Michael Fordham
  • Andrew
  • Mark
  • Peter (+ extra frying pan)
  • Bethan
    • If there's chance you could leave out the chicken, then me please too [BG]
    • Turkey can be cooked separately if someone brings a second frying pan [MF]
  • Tom Ashton (no turkey thanks, can bring frying pan, and maybe some kidney beans or similar for the veggie filling?)

Veggie Chilli

Good solid food after days walk!

I can do the main, can anyone else contribute a desert? Rice Pudding OK? [DH] (no maximum)

  • Dave
  • Phil - I'll join you for some veggie chilli, will also have a think about dessert. Any ideas?
  • Doug - Rice Pudding for Dessert? - Sounds good to me [DM]
  • Chris - (Hope I'm not too late!) - of course not, will be a huge excess of food [DM]


Not yet signed-up for a meal

  • Lucy Stone
  • James Ritchie