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Cooking for Capel Curig Trip, 9th-11th November 2012

This is a wiki (editable web page) to organise cooking for the CUHWC Trip to the Gwydyr Mountain Club Hut Tan-y-Garth near Capel Curig on the weekend of 9th-11th November 2012. There is a kitchen (see the link for images), which has cutlery and crockery for everyone. Based on the image, it looks like there are two cookers.

Click edit at the top to change the text (you'll need to be logged in to your account on the website first - click here to register if you don't have one). You can either suggest a meal idea or join one of the existing ones and you're obviously also welcome to sort yourself out (move your name to 'Independent'). Please remove your name from the section at the bottom once you're in a group or have decided to cook alone. The person who suggests the meal is responsible for arranging the ingredients - everyone else in the group should bring money on the trip to pay for their share, and expect to help with the meal preparation and washing up.

Meal suggestions by Tuesday evening. Finalise groups by Wednesday night so the person suggesting the meal knows how much they have to buy and has a couple of days to do the shopping.

Meal Groups

What a load of veg(/fruit)!

Maximum number of people: 6 (4£ per person! :D)

  • Starter: Salad (Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, (optional salmon trimmings) with a balsamic vinegar dressing)

  • Main: Stir fry with chicken, vegetables and rice noodles

  • Dessert: 'Hot Love' (Austrian dessert: Hot raspberry sauce with vanilla ice cream)


  • Constanze
  • Philip W
  • Paul
  • Tom Leach
  • Carme C.
  • Katie A

Autumn harvest (Vegetarian)

Maximum number of people: 8

  • Starter: Maple roasted brussel sprouts with toasted hazelnuts

  • Main: Pumpkin risotto with crispy sage

  • Dessert: Apple charlotte with caramel sauce


  • Valerie
  • Tom A
  • Helene Wolleb
  • Agnieszka W
  • Nienke Blom
  • Jasper van Bruchem
  • Laura Dempsey
  • Pablo Hernandez

Meat, Marvellous Meat

  • Garlic bread and/or salad
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Crumble (no meat) - flavour suggestions considered. And custard.


  • Dave
  • Jo
  • DP
  • Josh
  • Phil B
  • Peter
  • Alex E

Food! (Vegetarian)

Maximum number of people: 8

  • Starter: Soup (it will be a surprise...any objections to any particular ingredients?)

  • Main: Spinach, Sweet Potato and Ricotta Canneloni

  • Dessert: Joe's Peach Sponge


  • Vicky Ward
  • Joe Hobbs
  • Yuchin Li