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Climbing in the Peak District

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Climbing trip to the Peak District, 3rd-5th June 2011


  • Michael Fordham
  • Tom Wright
  • Dave Farrow
  • Jo Smith
  • Joe Hobbs
  • Mohammad Dmour
  • Bethan Gudgeon
  • Simon Williams


  • Leave Friday 1300: Michael (car), Dave, Jo and Simon

  • Leave Saturday 0700: Tom (car), Joe, Mohammad, Bethan


To be confirmed

  • Michael has two-man and one-man tents available
  • Tom has a two-man tent
  • Joe has a two-man tent

Climbing kit

  • Michael: 35m rope, hexes (4-7), nuts (4, 6-9), karabiners, five quickdraws, slings (400cm, 240cm, 60cm).
  • Tom: 60m rope, nuts size 1-11 (except 9 - didn't find it), nut key, karabiners, quickdraws, 2 slings (120cm)
  • Bethan: 2 slings, karabiners...
  • Dave - Rack and rope
  • Jo - Rack
  • Mohammad - nothing except a karabiner, belay device, harness, helmet & shoes
  • Simon - Small rack and rope
  • Joe: rope and personal kit.


  • Michael: Eastern Grit (Stanage, Burbage, Bamford etc.)
  • Dave - Eastern Grit. Might have a limestone one if I can borrow it.