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Alps 2013

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Unofficial Alps Trip 2013


Joe H
Andrena B
Becky H
Doug H
Bethan G
Eleri C
Dave M

This is actually happening now. 5 of us are setting off on the morning ferry on Friday 26th July, aiming to get to the campsite that evening. We will then be leaving on the morning of Saturday 10th August aiming to get the last ferry back that day. Others are joining us there and more are very welcome for walking or mountaineering! Add your name and contact us with dates for when you might join us!

Early Information

Several people have expressed an interesting in going out to the Alps in late July and early August for a combination of walking and mountaineering. This page is here to co-ordinate who wants to go, what they want to do, when they want to go and where they want to go!

Please add your name below to express an interest, and detail where, when and what.

Michael Fordham

  • 29th July - 11th August, though could be flexible by a few days.
  • First week in Chamonix / Bernese Oberland. Second week independent with guide in Zermatt.
  • Acclimatisation walks / 3000-4000m peaks at F-AD.

David Pettit

  • Probably 28th July - 9th August.
  • Happy with anywhere with peaks of a suitable grade, with a mild preference to go somewhere I haven't been before. I had thought of spending a week doing the Tour du Mont Blanc but not sure that will fit in with my current travel dates.
  • Easy mountaineering peaks (F-PD) and hillwalking. Would also consider backpacking or via ferrata.
  • Will probably drive down with Ruth.

Katie Atkinson

  • I could make any dates in July/August at the moment
  • I did the Classic Haute Route (which was from Chamonix to Zermatt and really enjoyed that, so perhaps somewhere it that region again).
  • I'd probably prefer walking if we didn't have a guide. (I enjoyed doing some climbing too, but don't really have any winter skills training and the Mont Blanc massif seems like somewhere you need to know the area/what you are doing to stay safe - but there are probably people in the club who know a lot more than me :-) ).

David Crosse

  • There is a moderate chance I may join you for some of this, but as ever I have no idea what I'll be doing in July/August. I'm more likely to be available in August so might join for the second week of the dates so far suggested.

Greg Chadwick

  • Flexible on dates but can only manage a week, week starting 29th July would be fine with me (though would prefer to go out for the beginning of the week so the 26th/27th)
  • Keen on some easy mountaineering (F/PD), not fussed about location

Lucy Wright

  • I will join you if I can but I'm unlikely to be free on either of those weeks so don't base your decisions on me.

Ruth Pettit

  • Two weeks sounds good to me - keener on walking than mountaineering so a week of walking and very easy mountaineering followed by the Tour du Mont Blanc would suit me. I am free from 28th July right through August at the moment.

Becky Howard

  • I'm free 22nd July - 17th Augustand would be keen to go for three(ish) weeks during this period.
  • France preferred.
  • 2/3 day routes and mountaineering.

Vicky Ward

  • I'm (if everything goes to plan) free for one week (to be decided) during july and then entirety of September OR I will be free entirety of August and september.
  • Would prefer walking due to my lack of experience
  • My plans are VERY up in the air at the moment so may join people last minute...just keep me informed :)

Tom Leach

  • I'm quite flexible with dates at the moment, can do pretty much any time in July/August
  • Would be happy with any walking or basic mountaineering - the Tour du Mont Blanc seems tempting, and I certainly would be interested in doing a little mountaineering although I do not have a lot of experience.

Benjamin Wallisch

  • I'd be interested as well, but my plans for the summer are still very up in the air (and this probably won't change that soon). If at all, then I will most likely be free some time in August, but definitely don't base your decisions on me.

Eleri Cousins

  • I'll be doing a course from the 21-27th of July (ISM Student Alpine Week, if anyone wants to join me! I think there are still places), so that week afterwards at the end of July/start of August would be perfect for me. Hiking and (not terribly scary) mountaineering is what I would be keen for.

Philip Withnall

  • I can do any time between the 28th June and the 19th July, and would like to do one or two weeks.
  • I would be happy with walking or basic mountaineering. I have no alpine experience but would like to learn if possible. Via ferrata would be fun.
  • (Looks like my dates don't fit in with anybody else's. Oh well!)

Andrena and Joe

Provisionally, we are thinking of Ailefroide ( from end of july - leaving on 26th July - for about 2 weeks. There is a large municipal campsite (which shouldn't be too expensive given it is in France), lots of valley climbing and a number of doable peaks with a range of grades. Haven't looked too closely at the walking, but I am sure it exists. Similarly via ferratas appear to exist, although probably a bus ride ride away.The Ecrins should be a bit less busy than, for example, Chamonix (it certainly was a couple of years ago), and for what it is worth, the guide that Joe and Michael had in Scotland earlier this year recommended the area as a good base for a relatively inexperienced party.

If anyone has any better ideas for location, then we're happy to hear them.

Joe and I are contemplating driving if we can fill a car. Otherwise you'd probably need a coach/train to Grenoble (or maybe Briancon?) and then a couple of buses to get there.

Bethan Gudgeon

  • I'm free from 26th/27th July and need to be back by Friday 16th August. Keen for anything and everything (ish! :)

Doug Hull

  • I have to be back in London on August 7th so would ideally go on Friday 19th July or slightly later, but if the trip is from July 26th I'll just come along then and leave early. If anyone wants to go before July 26th let me know as I might be keen. I can also drive if necessary.

I (Becky) would be keen to leave earlier, especially if you were planning to drive and split fuel costs. Let me know.

Hannah Stern

  • I would really like to join you on this trip. I am very flexible with dates so anytime in July/ August would suit me. I am interested in walking and mountaineering- I have some mountaineering experience but keen to learn some more.

David Mackenzie

  • I will probably be there arriving 30th July and leaving 6/7th august. Keen for Mountain routes, sport climbing and walking. Also if in Ailfroide would appreciate a lift up the valley on the 30th!