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Coniston Vacation Trip, 3rd - 7th January 2019

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It was a rain-free trip, which I’ve been told is atypical of the Lake District. Weather was pleasant as most of the group explored the surrounding hills, except for on the peaks where wind made living miserable. The Old Man of Coniston was particularly well tread, but soon the hills grew boring for two brave adventurers who decided to take a dip in one of the lakes. No one died of hypothermia, as far as I am aware of, perhaps owing greatly to a very rustic (and rusty) wood-burning furnace in the living room that kept most of us relatively warm. This bifunctional stove was also used to heat up miscellaneous food items, such as frozen salad, and an entire block of butter. Other than having to endure the trauma of witnessing someone massage a solid block of butter with his own hands, and many unsolvable brainteasers, great merriment was had in this furnace-heated living room after a long day in the hills of Coniston.

Aristotle L