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Seven Sisters Day Trip, 22 May 2011

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It might have been the looming shadow of exams, but there seemed to be a certain reluctance among CUHWC members to break new ground and join the club's first ever trip to the South Downs. In the end it was just five of us who made the short journey to the coast near Eastbourne, for a day out which it would be stretching a point to call "hillwalking", but which proved very enjoyable all the same.

For me and Andrew, the hills' lack of height proved no problem, as our following the creed of Relative Height ensured that the South Downs still held plenty of ticks for us. Being dropped off in Lewes, we tramped the crest of the downs for twenty miles to the amazing 500ft cliffs of Beachy Head, crossing Marilyns and HuMPs on the way - one of which proved an interesting challenge, standing as it did in the middle of a golf course!

Mohammad, Matt and Betsy had a fine walk tramping the full length of the Seven Sisters to Beachy Head with the wind behind them, and we finished up with fish and chips on the seafront in Eastbourne, while Matt, brave (crazy?) soul that he was (is?), took a dip in the English Channel and almost got thrown against a groyne for his trouble.


Trip Participants

Matthew Graham, Andrew Williamson, Mark Jackson, Mohammad Dmour & Betsy Mortensen.

Trip Statistics (MJ)

  • 10 bemused golfers [upon seeing Andrew and Mark doing what they do best...]
  • 9 hours spent in deepest Sussex
  • 8 actual sisters
  • 7 sisters
  • 6 trig points
  • 5 walkers intrepid explorers
  • 4 HuMPs
  • 3 Marilyns
  • 2 separate walks
  • 1 new frontier for CUHWC!
  • 0 proper hills


From 26. CUHWC South Downs Day Trip

From 26. CUHWC South Downs Day Trip