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AGM Announcement 2018

Hi all,

As mentioned on our first bulletin of term, this year's Annual General Meeting will be held on the 8th February. It will start at 19:30, in the Rushmore Room of St. Catharine's College, and is your opportunity to assess how the club has done over the last year; to propose ways the club can improve over the next year; and to stand for committee, to help the club continue its role and make those improvements. Current proposals are below.

Being on the committee's a great experience, not only letting you give back to and direct the club, but also putting you at the centre of a fantastic group of hillwalkers. Standing is easy: express interest on this weekend's trip, next week's pub meet, or any other event to get nominated and seconded, or e-mail cuhwcpresident at for such nominations to be arranged. Joint tickets are OK. For more information on any of the positions, e-mail the current committee members:

  • President (Chris and Matt, cuhwc-president at books bunkhouses, runs trips, sends bulletins (and lots of other emails) and is in charge of the club overall
  • Meets (Arthur, cuhwc-meets at organises transport for trips
  • Social (Anabel, cuhwc-social at organise lunches, Annual Dinner, Garden Party, formals and other socials in Cambridge and on trips
  • Safety (Callum, cuhwc-safety at in charge of club equipment and members' safety on trips
  • Junior Treasurer (Ben, cuhwc-treasurer at keeps the accounts; writes and pays in cheques; engages in prolonged battles with banks
  • Membership (Sarah, cuhwc-membership at keeps the membership database and email lists up to date; provides general support to other committee members

I look forward to your nominations, and for your help eating the refreshments at the AGM.

Best wishes,



AGM Proposals

Proposal that we increase the membership fee

The membership fee pays for the club’s annual operating expenses, primarily the cost of BMC affiliation and the maintenance of club equipment. The membership fee has been set at £15 p.a. since October 2012. Over this time, the cost of BMC affiliation has increased substantially, amounting to approximately £13.50 per member each year at current rates. As a result, there has been significant pressure on the equipment budget, with only essential spending in the past year and some degradation in the condition of the club kit. I propose to increase the annual club membership fee to £17.50 to allow a reasonable schedule of kit replacement to be resumed.

Proposed: Ben Brunt, Seconded: Matt Arran

Message from the coordinators of the CUHWC 30th anniversary:


As most of you hopefully know, the 2018/2019 academic year marks the 30th anniversary of CUHWC. As is traditional, we'll celebrate the milestone with a year of events and celebrations. These events will be organised by a separate committee, currently led by Tom Leach and David Hoyle, both ex Presidents. The main event of the year will be a huuuuuge trip in February 2019, open to current club members and duffers, which takes the place of one of the Lent trips and the annual dinner.

So far we have booked the Langdale YHA and Elterwater Hostel for 15th-17th February 2019, giving a total capacity of approximately 135 people. This has involved placing a deposit for both, with a total cost of £740.

We have received bookings - even at this early stage - from about 20 people, who have paid non-refundable deposits of £20. The remainder of the deposits has been funded entirely by David and Tom.

The next step is to place a deposit with a catering company to provide a three-course (black tie) meal on the Saturday night, which will require another substantial deposit. We intend to advertise the event fully in March / April.

Discussion 1: Loan from the club

David and Tom will find it difficult to fund the deposit required for the catering, which could be in excess of £600. We also feel this presents a significant financial outlay for us both, entirely at our risk.

We therefore request consideration of a loan from the club of £500, to enable us to place a deposit on the catering, which will enable us to take the next step to making the event a success.

Discussion 2: Funding from the club

The 25th anniversary trip was also subsidised by the club, reflecting that each trip generally runs at a loss, and this trip is accounted for separately. We would be grateful if a similar arrangement existed this year: while we are dedicated to keeping the trip affordable to students (hopefully sub £80, inclusive of transport, accommodation, and a three course meal), a subsidy would help us enormously.

We are not proposing a specific amount, although to note from past experience we would probably expect around 20 current members to attend. In particular, since the trip does not include transport for Duffers to attend (they will make their own way to Langdale) if the club would be prepared to organise and fund the cost of transport for its members to / from Langdale this would be greatly appreciated.

Discussion 3: Helpers!

Whilst we currently have a few assisting us with the planning, as things start to get busier this year we could with all the help available - including a treasurer, support with transport, decorations, a website...

If you’ve got any time please get in touch - Equally, if you’re pretty busy till the summer, or can only offer a bit, still let us know! How many other times in your life will you be able or organise a piss-up in a youth hostel for 130 people...

Discussion 4: 30th Challenge

Typically, for each anniversary the club organises a bagging challenge amongst its members and the duffers, to travel about a bit and pack in as much walking as possible!

This year is no exception - we’ll be bagging each of the County tops, from Great Chishill (Cambridgeshire, 146m) to Ben More Assynt (Sutherland, 998m) - each one must be ‘bagged’ between 1st October 2018 and 31st September 2019. We've chosen the County Tops - as defined in Jonny Muir's "The UK's County Tops", pub. Cicerone) to be a challenge which is accessible to people across the county, not just those who live near the "proper hills" So start planning your trip to somewhere a little different now! (Nb - there's a bottle of whisky in it for the teams who bag the high points of Orkney and Shetland...)

Discussion 5: Stash

We’ll also shortly be launching a competition for a design for our 30th Anniversary stash - to go on all our T-shirts and other memorabilia. More details to follow - but get thinking!

And, last but not least, congratulations and thanks to the outgoing committee for another successful year! Best wishes to all the candidates for the new committee - we hope you enjoy helping out as much as we did!

Proposal that the Club loan £100 to the 30th Anniversary Committee, and encourage loans from members

At its lowest point in the 2017/18 year, in late September 2017, the Club bank balance was £580. The Club has made a loss this year, and it is possible that outgoings before September will be higher this year than last. Therefore, the Club is not in a position to loan £500 to the 30th Anniversary Committee without risk of overdraft. However, in support of the 30th Anniversary Committee, it is proposed that the Club loans £100 to said Committee, to be paid back before the end of February 2019, and that the Club encourages its members to make similar such loans.

Proposed: Matt Arran, Seconded: Ben Brunt

Proposal that the Club subsidise transport for members to the 30th Anniversary Trip

The 30th Anniversary Trip being considered as a trip of the Cambridge University Hillwalking Club, it is proposed that the discretion of the Executive Committee be reaffirmed, to determine the level of subsidy for members' transport.

Proposed: Matt Arran, Seconded: Ben Brunt