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Lent Newsletter 4

Hi all,

I have the pleasure of announcing Forest Evasion, would like to invite you to sign up for our previously-announced trip and courses, and am constitutionally obliged to circulate this year's accounts, to be discussed at our AGM, with agenda .

  1. Forest Evasion, Forest of Dean, 13th-15th April
  2. Sign up for Penwyllt, vacation trips, and our navigation course
  3. Accounts and AGM Agenda

Forest Evasion, Forest of Dean, 13th to 15th April

Each year, the Club takes part in a 24-hour national competition, this year featuring hiking in the Forest of Dean (as featured in Harry Potter, Star Wars, and every other film that needs some woodland). Teams of Evaders have to navigate between checkpoints, balancing speed with the need to avoid capture by small teams of patrolling Catchers. It's a true wide game, played over a massive map in a beautiful area. Not only have previous CUHWC teams had a great time, they've also taken home the trophy two years out of the past three, so Club honour is at stake. The Club doesn't organise this event, but will help coordinate teams, transport, and kit, and we'll try to send (at least) both a team willing to run and one more keen on walking. More information is available at the website,, and you can express information by signing up on this webform

Sign up for Penwyllt trip, 9th-11th February, vacation trips, and navigation course

Keep on signing up for our:
• Weekend trip to the Brecon Beacons, S. Wales, 9th to 11th February (details here, sign-up here, closes 6p.m. Sunday)
• 2-day navigation course in the Lakes, based in Keswick, 9th to 11th March (£10, sign-up here, closes 6p.m. Sunday)
• Vacation trip to Glen Coe, Scotland, 21st to 27th March (details here, sign-up here, closes 6p.m. Sunday)
• Vacation trip to Cwm Dyli, North Wales, 6th to 11th April (details here, sign-up here, first-come-first-served)

Accounts and AGM Agenda

Our AGM is approaching, with the deadline for nominations to the Committee this Monday, 5th February. If you'd like to help run the Club, and haven't yet signed up, please e-mail the President at cuhwcpresident[at]

The year's accounts are available in this Dropbox folder. If you have any queries, please contact Ben, our Treasurer, at cuhwc-treasurer[at], so that he can prepare a response before our AGM, at 19:30 on Thursday the 8th February, in St. Catharine's' Rushmore Room. It may not be possible for him to respond to any impromptu technical queries.

The agenda of the AGM is available on this Dropbox pdf, with the text of motions available here. The committee would appreciate any queries being sent to them in advance (e-mail addresses here).