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EGM Minutes, Wednesday 17th of October 2018


EGM 17-10-19

Present: Patric T, Sebb P, Cameron R, Chris H, Bronwen F, Mart M, Anabel M, Sarah KM, Simon M, Ben H, Ella J, Bill C (late)

Camilla Penny is voting via proxy.

Bill has arrived 20:25

  1. Membership Secretary to Secretary 12 in favour, 0 against (Bill not yet present)
  2. Safety to Equipment and Training 0 in favour, 13 against
  3. Meets Secretary to Transport 7 in favour, 3 against, 3 abstained
  4. Safety to Safety and Equipment 12 in favour, 0 against, 1 abstained

Debate: Motion 3

PT: Does not explain what the role is. Freshers do not understand it, this is problematic, you only know what it means when you are one.

SKM: To change the role would cause more confusion.

CR: Transport does not sound nice, meets keeps tradition.

Debate: motion 4

CH: Safety element is maintained, but this would better describe the role.

PT: Will the change in name reduce focus on safety?

SKM: Will still have safety officer on trip every trip, but should not have the onus that for every trip the safety officer goes on they must be focused on being safety officer, as it prevents them from enjoying it. Someone on the committee is still overseeing it, but that it is just not that it necessarily the role of the safety officer on every trip.

CH: The officer will co-ordinate it but should not be expected to go, they can instead delegate who the safety officer is for each trip. We will clarify on the website what all the roles actually are.

SKM: New secretary role will be also be clarified.

CH: the equipment stuff is actually the biggest bit of the role and this should be reflected in the title.

SKM: the equipment side of thing can be very safety critical, e.g. The first aid kits, keeping these fully equipped and cards telling people what to do. Psychologically it helps if people have these prompts to keep people calmer.