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Annual General Meeting

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Rushmore Room, St. Catharine's College

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The club's Annual General Meeting will take place on 8th February. We'll hear about the last year from the current committee and elect a new committee. Refreshments will be provided
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AGM Minutes, Wednesday 26th February 2014

Minutes for CUHWC AGM, 26/02/14

Chair: Mr Andrew Williamson (for Ms Vicky Ward, who was rendered speechless by a bad cold)

Secretary: Ms Eleri Cousins

Also present: Philip Withnall, Tom Leach, Dave Farrow, Simon Williams, Laurent Michaux, Tom Hare, James Hickson, Paul Fox, Rose Pearson, Tom Ashton, Matt Hickford, David Hoyle, Anthony Cooper, Charlotte Zealley, Mark Jackson, Chris Arran, Andy Howell, Jane Patrick, Jade Cuttle, Marcus Taylor, John Ockenden, Greg Chadwick, Valerie Ashton.


AGM Minutes, Tuesday 5th February 2013

Minutes for CUHWC AGM, 05/02/2013

Chair: Mr Andrew Williamson

Secretary: Miss Vicky Ward

Also present: Dr James Hickson, Michael Fordham, Greg Chadwick, Helen Phillips, Becky Howard, Peter Kirkwood, Mike Simpson, Joe Hobbs, Valerie Ashton, Tom Ashton, Andrena Ball, Phil Withnall, Tom Leach, Chris Arran, Paul Fox, Mark Jackson, Eleri Cousins, Jo Smith, Dave Farrow, Simon Williams, Laurent Michaux, Phil Brown.


AGM Minutes, Tuesday 7th February 2012

Minutes for CUHWC AGM, 07/02/2012

Chair: Mr Matthew Graham

Secretary: Mr Mark Jackson

Also present: Andrena Ball, Andrew Williamson, Becky Howard, Bethan Gudgeon, Dave Farrow, Dave Mackenzie, Doug Hull, Helen Phillips, Dr James Hickson, James Ritchie, Jane Patrick, Jo Smith, Joe Hobbs, John Hobbs, Kate Humphris, Kerrie Taylor-Jones, Laura Burrows, Lucy Stone, Michael Fordham, Peter Kirkwood, Phil Brown, Rob Halbert, Simon Williams, Tom Ashton, Tom Wright & Vicky Ward.

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