Long Mynd, 19 May 2013

Trip Summary

We left from Queen's Road just after 07.00 and after some intrepid journeying up some motorway we arrived at Church Stretton before 10.00. After everyone made use of the 'space-age' facilities (they spoke to you AND the flush was a brick), we started to walk.

We split into 3 groups - 2 walked to the west/east of church stretton before progressing to the east/west (with one group stopping in the middle for Magnums). These walks encompassed such sites as Caer Caradoc, a 'wee' scramble up Gaer Stone and of course Pole Bank and Long Mynd. The other group walked nearly the entire length of Long Mynd admitting that it was 'a bit boring at the top really,' but that they got to meet a very pleasant gliding club.

No one can deny the weather was a bit of a surprise with the sun more than shinning (the author got a BIT burnt). Although the bugs left a little to be desired. Other bits of nature were gorgeous with some groups taking pictures of beautiful cantering horses and another group taking a picture of simultaneously peeing sheep. We all found the waterfall disappointing.

The walks ended in the King's Arm beer garden before heading back to Cambridge for arrival at 21.00 ish. It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip (coming from someone who isn't a big fan of day trips) and was the perfect solution to the Easter Term mindset. I think everyone enjoyed themselves and apparently I hear that the 'back of the minibus' have planned to go to a pub quiz together this week despite not knowing each other before the trip.

I hope to see you all again soon :)

Trip Participants

Vicky Ward, Greg Chadwick, Becky Howard, Matt Hickford, Pete Florence, Haseeb Aneed, Tom Dobra, Aileen Cameron, Martyna Popois, Daniel Unruh, Raphael Sanchez, Katie Atkinson, Elisa de Ranieri, Mike Hastings, Ciara Cicarelli, Aga Wabik and Reuben Newsome (kinda).


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Vicky Ward