Rhyd Ddu, 10-12 May 2013

Trip Summary

The trip was a disaster — the Safety Officer was lynched due to forgetting the biscuits and the rioting hillwalkers then torched the bunkhouse (unfortunately, a fire extinguisher wasn't enough to stop it burning to ashes) and then joy-rode the minibus into a tree. In an effort to get home, they then tried to hijack the toy train that passes the bunkhouse before the police turned up and arrested them all. It appears the only thing they'll be bagging soon is categories of prison/lunatic asylum. The club has also been banned from North Wales.

Trip Participants

Joe Hobbs, Becky Howard, Tom Leach, Peter Kirkwood, Tom Owen, Paul Cook, Chris Arran, Brian Vermiere, Katherine Bond, Eleri Cousins, Phil Withnall, Veera Panova, Antonia Cuff, Mark Nikolka and Hannah Stern.


Joe Hobbs