Dunmail Raise, 26-28 October 2012

Our first weekend trip of the academic year went to the Achille Ratti Climbing Club's Hut at Dunmail Raise. We enjoyed stunning weather for the first day of the trip, with most groups choosing to venture onto the Eastern Fells to make the most of it. Helvellyn was a popular choice. Sadly, the weather was less pleasant on Sunday, but we still enjoyed walks principally visiting the central fells, and most particularly the Helm Crag ridge. There was a good complement of singing on Saturday evening, including a few games. Hopefully we've started the year off as we mean to go on... "If you want..."

Trip Participants

Andrew Williamson, Peter Kirkwood, Tom Ashton, Paul Cook, Helen Phillips, Jane Patrick, Andrena Ball, Tom Owen, Constanze, Dave Farrow, Jo Smith, Eleri Cousins, Tim Newton, Vicky Ward, Becky Howard, Simon Williams, Greg Chadwick, Sung-Geun Hong, Gareth Ainsworth, Hannah Lissaman, Philip Withnall, Thomas Leach, Thomas Hall, Tuomo Valkonen, Nick Gachowicz, Mike Simpson, Phil Brown, Matt Hickford, Lilia Giugni, Kim Moore, Mark Nikolka, Laurent Michaux, Henry Miller, Katie Skeffington, Matthew Dalton, Daumilas Ardickas, Alex Elliott, Michael Fordham, Huiqi Wang, Kalin Vasilev & Ruth Pettit.

Trip Reports (well, sort of...)


Saturday saw the birth of:


An IMP is an Insignificant hill of Minimal Prominence. They exist for two reasons. Firstly to form a list of hills that fulfils the objective of classifying every convex surface in the country not already covered by the lists of Munro, Wainwright, Dewey, Nuttall and infinitum. In doing so this list provides the final and ultimate challenge for all those inspired and aroused by the prospect of climbing hills solely for the purpose of list-ticking. The second reason they exist is because geology dictates that the countryside cannot be flat and that some undulations will inevitably exist. Sociology dictates that some person will express a desire to catalogue such undulations to the point of complete flatness and thus the IMPs are the inevitable consequence.

The End of an Era (AW)

Well, there we have it, 29 trips later and sadly the time has come when I’m going to have to conclude my run of consecutive CUHWC trips, which began all the way back on my first Club trip as a meagre fresher to Edale in 2010. It feels distinctly like ‘the end of an era,’ even though in reality that is probably pushing it a bit. After all, I’m not going to be stopping my involvement with the club anytime soon – but I guess things may start to quieten down a bit now, and perhaps will do so most particularly when my Presidency ends in February and impending Finals take over a little more. I’ve enjoyed every single one of those 29 trips regardless of weather, company or number of peaks I managed to bag. It’s going to be weird for me knowing that CUHWC people are away spending a weekend on the hills and I won’t be a part of that. I know it’ll be hard since this wonderful club has come to form such an important part of my Cambridge life. Nevertheless, I should be back on proper form for the Moffat trip and we’ll take it from there. Long may it continue.

Notable Quotes

  • Gareth: We've got a peelerphile here.


From 48. CUHWC Dunmail Raise Trip

From 48. CUHWC Dunmail Raise Trip