Song Book

Singing is a popular activity during our trips. People often bring along instruments — anything from a guitar to an accordion, and not to mention their best (...) singing voices.

Caseg Ffraith (2013), credit: Tom Owen

Patterdale (2012), credit: Aga Wabik

CUHWC has its very own Song Book, with a selection of (sometimes questionable) classics that feature prominently in sing-along sessions.

Although the exact origins of singing on Club trips are not precisely known (it's probable that some people want to erase such knowledge from their memories), it is comparatively well known that a First Edition of the Song Book was lovingly created by Joe Hobbs.

The Second Edition, building upon the popularity of the First Edition, was created in 2011 by Andrew Williamson and Mark Jackson, and included substantial updates.

As the Club's music tastes have changed, whether for better or for worse, in recent years, a new edition of this long-standing classic was called for by members far and wide in 2015. In response, and thanks to many hours of hard work by Josh Abrahams in particular, a Third Edition was released as the academic year came to a close. The reception received was significantly positive, and led some critics to call the Third Edition the "hillwalking-singing-general-merriment sensation of the year".

This new, fully updated version can be downloaded by clicking on the Song Book cover below or by clicking here. (With apologies for the image quality – a resolution reduction was necessary to allow the file to be uploaded onto the website. Also note that the lyrics were downloaded from a number of different Internet sites and, despite best efforts to remove them, several grammatical errors undoubtedly remain.)

There are always (well, sometimes...) enough copies brought on Club trips for everyone to have access to one — that is, should you want to partake in singing; and a large proportion of the Club would fully understood if you do not...