AGM Minutes, Thursday 11th February 2016


CUHWC Annual General Meeting 2016

11 February 2016

Chairperson: Philip Withnall

Secretary: Anthony Cooper

Attending: Matt A, Tom A, Patrick, John O, Zekang C, Alex R, David H, Adrien LF, Camilla P, Josh A, Andrew W, Grasilda Z, Sumita C, Paul F, Dr J. Hickson

Late: Arion P

Apologies: Ben B, RON (Who sent an email in apology, detailing why they should get all the new committee positions)

It was noted that some ex-presidents neither attended, nor apologised, and one still hasn’t published their edition of High Society

Philip opened the meeting, and some of the outgoing committee gave reports, summarised as follows

Philip Withnall gave his presidential report

He thinks we learnt things from ‘the other place’

Tom Leach was late for things

Tasty food was made, lots involving chocolate – much of the reported food was pudding, or vegetarian

The club visited most hilly places in the UK

There was a large variety in the weather experienced

There was a very limited number of mountain rescue call outs made

Day trips were good, people like them, and good for getting new members

A new membership system was created

Andrew Williamson provided some numbers, Phil seemed confused by numbers

Lots of Ben’s, not many Tom’s anymore, but Tom drives a lot

Camilla Penney provided a Meets Report

The club drove more than 10,000 miles

The coach driver for Edale needs replacing

Some cars got hit a little bit

Some cars got lost a little bit

The new Meets Sec needs to find more drivers, particularly with their own cars

Josh Abrahams provided a Safety Report

Navigation courses ran by club members are well good

Josh bought things, lost things (actually mainly members lost things), found things (stuff was returned), laminated things (and bought things pre-laminated)

There wasn’t much playing in the snow this year, but lots of playing in the dark – evidenced by lack of use of winter gear, and significant headlamp losses

Adrien LeFauve provided a Socials Report

Lots of socials, lots of pub, formaled across Cambridge

Ate, drank, had fun

Tom’s were the most social

Downing bar doesn’t like us

Lots of people are now spreading the CUHWC message by buying lots of stash, although CUHWC branded condoms were unpopular

David Hoyle provided a Treasurer’s Report

He lost money, the new treasurer will need to find money, and stop losing so much

(It was decided at this point Paul Fox is too pedantic about spelling)

Also decided that the grants people are mean, and so the club should wait to decide future trip costs off grant amounts

Day trips earn lots – but they are faffy

Andrew W questioned if membership costs should rise, due to increased BMC costs? – Decision of probably not was made

A vote was taken to approve the accounts as displayed

18 For 0 Against 0 Abstentions

Accounts were approved

A report was made on the Andy Gibson Training Fund

The administrators of the fund have been lost around the world, making it awkward to administer

Dave Farrow sent an email report – summarised as he doesn’t know anything

The fund gave money to people – lots of courses, First Aid, Winter Skills, Scrambling

Pre-payment of courses was seen to be a good thing

The Bank are useless

Statements visit much of Cambridge

Some form of (what seemed to an unknowledgeable secretary) bank fraud was suggested to solve the bank being useless

Questions were made to the committee

Regarding under/oversubscription on trips – trips usually overfilled around Michaelmas, under filled around lent

A suggestion towards more Easter term trips was suggested due to lots of people who don’t have exams

Elections for new committee positons were made

President – 1 Candidate


Continuity (and other similar words) was mentioned a lot

Social media stuff

Ban on visiting Yorkshire (Drivers for first trip after AGM have already been told to avoid the A1 in Yorkshire)

Likes Lancashire – Suggested visiting Blackpool and Pubs (other members suggested Lancashire is a bog)

He’s going to come on trips, delegate and pass his degree

22 David 0 RON 0 Abstentions

David was duly elected

Meets – 1 Candidate


Likes drivers, likes food, will sort transport before food

Vegetable sharing between cars

Doesn’t drive

Will find drivers

Knows a bus driver

20 Sumita 1 RON 0 Abstentions

Sumita was duly elected

Social – 1 Pair of Candidates

Matt and Grasilda

Like swimming

Something about shared emails was asked – everyone got a bit confused, they answered yes

They like lunches in pubs

They can bake, but won’t bake each other

If they fall out they will treat the club like a divorced child, and split events between them

22 Matt and Grasilda 0 RON 0 Abstentions

Matt and Grasilda were duly elected

Safety – 1 Candidate


Likes night walks, likes running

Doesn’t like inexperienced fresher’s on Crib Goch

Won’t allow walking in jeans

Walking boots aren’t always essential

Will hunt down those with club kit

23 Arion 0 RON 0 Abstentions

Arion was duly elected

Treasurer – 1 Candidate


Does maths and computers

Matt asked an awkward maths question – was irrelevant and Matt looked a bit silly

John was awkward

Lots of bad questions were asked

Secretary thinks bank fraud may have been suggested again

20 Zekang 3 RON 0 Abstentions

Zekang was duly elected

Membership – 1 Candidate


Was absent due to watching cats in a cave

Did little to appease rumours that he may be a bear

23 Ben 0 RON 0 Abstentions

Ben was duly elected

Dr James Hickson was re-elected unanimously as Senior Treasurer

There was no other business

The meeting was closed

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Anthony Cooper